Black Lives Matter Street Mural | Capitol Hill | Seattle, WA | 6.11.2020 By Vivid Matter Collective(c)

Limited Edition SIGNED Black Lives Matter Street Mural

Vivid Matter Colletive
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PRE ORDER 6.19-6.25.2020!!!

16 artists came together to create a masterpiece. Which has now been seen worldwide. 

Own a part of history with this 12" x 18" print signed by all the artists!!

Highest of quality reproduction by Bellevue Fine Art and The Color Group.

Original Image by Kyle Kotajarvi. 

The Artists:

B- Kimisha Turner

L- Perry Porter

A- Angelina Villalobos aka ONESEVENNINE

C- Perri Rhoden

K- Ari Glass

L- Cody Kalani

I- Teddy Phillips

V- Aramis Hamer

E- Barry Johnson


M- Moses Sun

A- Brandon Thomas

TT- Takiyah Ward

E- Future_Crystals

R- King Afro

with assistance from Joey Nix and Japhy Whitte. 

Seattle, WA 6.11.2020