More than just custom sneakers

2020 marked a monumental turn in TDUB's life. After contracting Covid early 2020 she spent the time healing and taking a hard look at what the future held both personally and artistically. And then the ultimate act of artivism. "The Black Lives Matter Street mural was the mural that changed everything". Since then a new spotlight has been cast on her art, creating a stage for creative exploration. Over the past few years TDUB has found herself using her voice more than ever. Through her web series Art Of the Matter with Converge Media, curatorial endeavors and various speaking engagements, she's become an outspoken advocate for the necessity of art and cultural spaces in Seattle. Which brings us to The Re-Sole 206, Seattle's first dry cleaner for sneakers and TDUBs new studio. This space has allowed her the opportunity to take her experiments to the next level and bring archived projects and ideas tdub in front of re-soleto life.