This visual timeline is my introspection realized on the history of this neighborhood that four generations of my family have called home. I spent years researching people, places and events that made this placed livable. The 12 figures among the sprawling mountain range are just a few names I had and hadn't heard of prior to the development of this mural. The midground features hills and several notable centers of community, a few of which are no longer standing. Among the treelined foreground are a handful of events that shaped the Central District and Seattle as we know it. The entire composition is set upon a technicolor gradient and the farthest end of the mural being dressed in black is meant to represent what was forgotten and what has yet to come to pass. Topping it all off is the larger than life text which reads "CENTRAL DISTRICT" to serve as reminder of all that goes into the naming of a place to the people that inhabit it. "Their are families that take deep pride in this neighborhood some of their relatives are in this mural. this is who i do it for". central district mural