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This Is All Just A Big Misunderstanding

My take on Global Warming and the human relationship to the Earth. 

Clearly the Earth is going through some changes. With all that is going on society-wise it's almost unfathomable the possibility that our planet could no longer exist due to our negligence. I believe we as a society have spent generations moving in a direction that pulls us further and further away from an organic connection to the Earth. Too many technologies that make our lives "easier" and not enough feet in the grass and hands in the soil. Too much fast fashion, over fishing, fracking, and logging, and not enough restraint and sharing of wealth. We consume at a rate that is unsustainable, and Mother Earth pays the price. We must do everything we can to reverse the damage and shrink our carbon footprints. We must be better about how and what it is we consume, more DIY and less "Do It For Me". We must get back in touch with our humanity and thus our relationship to Mother Earth. We misunderstand our role on this planet and our relationship to all living creatures that call this place home. Because without the Earth, there is no Us. 



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