TDUB takes her talents to The Re-Sole!!!

It been a while since I've update yall on the goings on over here at TDUB CUSTOMS. Ya girl has been super hard at work building the new venture THE RE-SOLE 206. If you are not familiar it is the culmination of my over two decades as a customizer realized in three dimensional space. We are bringing Seattle its very first DRY CLEANER FOR SNEAKERS! Yes you read that right. TDUB is going brick and mortar in a brand new building with a state of the art facility where we will clean restore and customize shoes. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!?? This process has been both rewarding and a challenge as this is a new idea, but the support thus far has been REAL. Super thankful that this opportunity has been so positive and look forward to keeping that energy going.

DONT FRET. TDUB still exists. it just exists inside the RE-SOLE. I will finally have the shop of my dreams!

Be sure to head over to to keep up with the whole process from signing the lease to opening the doors, I have captured it all. Vlogs uploaded monthly on my YouTube.  TDUB inside THE RE-SOLE