TDUB Does live painting!!!

In the process of building out or shop I've had to find new and interesting ways to stay creative. Recently I was contacted by Amazon's Black Business Accelerator to be a part of their mixer event as a live painter! Its something I hadn't done before but I was up for the challenge. 


This live paint was different, in that they wanted attendees to be able to go home with a piece of the art. So I had to put my engineer hat on and configure a canvas that I could paint on and pull a part once completed! As you know TDUB did not disappoint. This canvas consisted of 35 individual pieces all fashioned together by me. 

The event was lovely and everyone was so pumped that they got to take some art home. They waited in line and I took photos with everyone, it was an amazing experience. 


Fast forward a few months and I'm back AGAIN with the Amazon BBA for another live paint. This time it was 60 individual pieces. My set up was a bit more streamlined and advanced but the outcome was the same. Pure joy and excitement

from everyone who got to take home a piece. 

tdub amazon pt 2

Let me know if you want TDUB to live paint at your next event!